For as long as she can remember, Regina O’Loughlin                                              Muscarella has had the photo bug.  As a child, she                                                stood at her father’s side in his darkroom, full of                                                    wonder as images emerged from their chemical baths.                                            With his prized Nikon and guidance, she began her                                              journey into photography.  The advent of digital                                                    cameras and computer processing was just what she                                              needed to feed the “geek gene,” another gift from her dad.  As a teacher at Victor Junior High School, Regina developed an enrichment course in digital photography.  Under her tutelage, students created their own web-based photographic portfolios and began to cultivate the love of creating images.  While continuing to grow as a photographer in her own right, Regina successfully completed three sessions with The Nikon School in New York City, and availed herself of  every opportunity to document events of all kinds, each becoming an extension of her learning. She continues to participate in local photography groups including The Finger Lakes Photography Center and WNY Photowalkers, and has had work chosen for publication on “Anyone can take a great snapshot, but it takes something extra to shoot a great photograph.  I try to capture the splendid minutiae of everyday life, and celebrate the beauty, power and magic of nature.  It takes bravery to go out there and do this.  I’m still working on it.”                                 

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